Monday, May 7, 2007



All right, I need help.

Jerry and I jumped into Round Two for Danger Ace this weekend, and with less than a week left, we need all the votes we can get.

Yeah, it IS a total pain to register, and I'm not terribly excited about asking you guys for votes, but I guess it takes what it takes, right?

In advance, I want to thank you guys for throwing support our way.

And obviously don't just have to vote for me... or for me at all if you don't like the idea. But there're a lot of great concepts over there that need your support just as much, so take a look before you leave, and maybe you'll see something you like.


Haven't read everything I picked up, but here's what I got to and what I thought.

Spider-man: Fast Lane - Cool story, kudos to Slott and Jimenez for making it as fun as it was. I really REALLY hope Slott's the guy that follows JMS, and that he brings Jackpot and the Bookie along with him!

Umbrella Academy - Ha! This thing was a hoot. If I'm being honest, Gabriel Bá was the main reason I picked this one up. I don't know much about Gerard Way or My Chemical Romance, but I thought he did great with this one, and wouldn't mind seeing more of Spaceboy, the Rumor, and the rest of the gang... and after a quick search, it looks like there might be a mini-series slated for September '07.

Comics Festival - Very Canadian, very cool.

Transformers Prequel Thing - Eh, it was what it was... might've liked it more if the characters had faces and bodies I could differentiate. I hear the actual movies going to have a lot of explosions, and a giant robot or two... but mostly explosions.

Astounding Wolf-Man - No bad, thought it was pretty much middle of the road Kirkman. I'll probably jump on the on-going and see where it goes as it does have a wolf-man in it. We do get a brief glimpse of Bruce "Kimo" Brown's and Cliff Rathburn's BRIT on-going, which I'm looking forward to. Bruce's a friend, and he's been working his ass off since I've know him, so it's awesome to see if paying off. Good luck, Trip!

After that, I started reading Criminal, which I jumped on this weekend, but I'm still really looking forward to Eddie Campbell's Black Diamond Detective Agency story, D&Q's Activity Book, and Choose Your Weapon.


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