Saturday, May 5, 2007


I love Free Comic Book Day.

When I worked at the store, I kind of hated it, and I wonder if that's not the case for most retailers. But as a fan... man, in true Old Milwaukee fashion, I doesn't get any better than this!

Here's what I plan on picking up:

Umbrella Academy Zero Killer Pantheon City 2007
Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse 2007
Transformers the Movie Prequel # 1 2007
Astounding Wolf-Man # 1 2007
Amazing Spider-Man Swing Shift 2007
Tokyopop Choose Your Weapon 2007
Ape Entertainment’s Comic Spectacular 2007
The Unseen Peanuts 2007
Comics Festival 2007
Marvel Adventures Three-In-One 2007
Nexus Special 2007
Owly & Korgi 2007
Comics 101: How to & History Lessons from the Pros 2007
Viper Comics Presents: Josh Howard’s Sasquatch 2007

If I missed anything good, let me know, a'ight?

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