Monday, March 26, 2007


Y'know, honestly, I know VERY little about Brit-comics as a whole, but I can say this:

Don't be fooled...

...Joe Dredd won't think twice about
throwing your ass in an Iso-cube.

Like many American comics fan, I was raised on a healthy dose of Marvel and DC superheroes, and never paid much attention to the comics being done in other countries until I was well into my teen years. But, as some of you may know, I've been dissatisfied with the state of DC and Marvel for a while, and have recently cut back my weekly comics load significantly.

With a big gap in my personal reading time, I decided to tour the world of comics, and my first stop was the UK... which basically means I've been reading the hell out of some Judge Dredd comics.

More to come tomorrow night.

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Philip Looney said...

Two small stories I'll share here:

-My Mom went to England one time, and I asked her to bring me some British Comics. She brought me two issues of 2000 AD magazine. I didn't know you could get that pretty easily in the states, but I was thrilled at the time.

The one story that always stuck out to me was a Judge Dread story where some guy on all fours was a "living piece of art work as a chair" and he got kidnapped, but they didn't know if they should classify it as kidnapping or art theft. The story ends with the guy locked in some art collectors basement. One of the most bizzare 8 page stories I've ever read.

-When Heroclix put out their "Indy Clix" line, they had characters from 2000 AD, which was basically all the Judges, and Johnny Alpha. I didn't know much about the Johnny Alpha character, but he was a great figure, so I got a trade of his stuff. I haven't read it yet, but I should dig this out.

Matt said...

I'll share my favorite Dredd panel (also, I put some more comics in your folder - that's right, folks, I'm one of the Simian's "hook-ups" in the modern parlance): This lady has wrestled down some perp for doing heavens know what, chirping, "I just made a citizen's arrest, Judge!"

To which Dredd replied, "Citizen's arrests are illegal, Citizen. Five years!"