Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Both Phil and Chris have pushed their eBay auctions before, so I figure, "hey, why not mention my CafePress Store?"

Right now, at www.cafepress.com/1stprize , this beautiful 100% cotton Danger Ace logo t-shirt can be yours for only $13.99 (plus shipping).

And if yellow's not your thing (or $13.99's not your price), it also comes in sparkling white for only $8.99.BONUS: For anyone who sends me a photo of themselves (or someone else) wearing one of these shirts, I'll send 'em signed copies of Doctor Impossible # 1, 803 #1 (ol' Doc's first appearance) and 803 # 3 (featuring my story Exit: The Hero House).

If you've been following Small Press Idol, you may have noticed that the site crashed on Sunday from visitor overload. I guess that's good and bad... good, in that it's great exposure for me and Jer', but bad since our stuff can't be seen right now.

Yesterday, Dimestore's head-honcho, Ian Shires (whose name makes it seem like he should be in an 80's Brit-Pop band) sent out an email looking emergency donations to help Dimestore upgrade to a new server. I sent in my $20, but haven't heard a reply yet... which makes me a little nervous, though I guess he's probably got more to do than just talk to me, especially since his site's down and he's receiving multiple donations.

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