Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, it certainly seems like it.

I bought the last three issues of the Busiek/Pacheco Superman over the weekend, as well as Action Comics #850 (thanks, Matt).

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of The Sinestro Corps., and almost threw a fit when my store didn't have the follow up issue, Green Lantern #21.

In addition to the books above, I never stopped buying Batman and All Star Superman, so, if indeed, I pick up the next issues of all these (yeah, I know Action 851 & 852 are out) I'll pretty much be back on the DC train. Not like I was before, but I think it'll be enough.

Oh, well... I can always quit again when Final Crisis sucks.

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Jovial1 said...

Brave & the Bold, Chad. Brave & the Bold. The whole series has rocked. Solid stuff from Waid & Perez.