Monday, June 11, 2007


Danger Ace. Second place. Nuff' said.

Actually, just a little more...

If you've been following the Small Press Idol contest, you know that we held the # 1 spot until yesterday. By my tally, the first place winner should be Talon. I chatted with Scott, the writer/artist on Talon, last night in Dimestore's chatroom and he seems like a good guy, and well deserving of the # 1 spot - congrats SWAT!

Official count won't be posted until after 12PM according to the moderators, but I'm anxious to see what the final breakdown looks like.

After that, we'll have to make it through the veto stage. This's kind of an after the round discussion between the three main judges where they can move projects in or out of the top six.

If we stay in, then we'll have to complete Danger Ace # 0 and have it ready for publication by July 5th, so the next few weeks should keep me very busy.

And as I'm sure most of you are aware, this is also the week before Heroescon in Charlotte, which means that all of us appearing at the Flashback booth are working our fingers bare putting together stuff to pass out and pimp.

Sims is doing t-shirts and an ISB Solomon Stone special.

I'll be working us some Danger Ace flyers, selling what's left of the first printing of Doctor Impossible #1, as well as giving out mini-comic remixes of the Doc stories that were featured in 803 #s 1 & 3.

More on that stuff this week.


Secret-HQ said...

I've been eyeballing the whacked-out "voting results will appear here" thread over at Dimestore's site. Should've thought to look here first ... ! :P

Jovial1 said...

Congrats, man! I still think Danger Ace should've finished at #1, but hey... as long as I get to read an issue, I'll be happy. (And the more I get to read, the happier I'll be.)

Looking forward to HeroesCon. I'm trying to make sure I've got the correct days off to make my attendance. Put one of those 803 remix books aside for me. :)

Philip Looney said...

I'll be at HeroesCon in a tuxedo shirt, because it says "I'm formal; but I'm here to party too."*

*That is completely made up.