Friday, May 25, 2007


It's been a long couple of weeks at work, at home, at blah blah blah... but things are kind of slowing down a bit, which is good. And since I had a few minutes, I thought I'd just post a little something so my six readers know I'm still alive and kicking (and working)

If you don't know, I'll be at Heroescon in Charlotte June 15th - 17th with Flashback Universe (even though I've yet to officially write anything for them), talking up Jim's awesome CBR formatted web-comics as well as my own silly stuff.

Here's a link - we're down about midway down, under Flashback Universe.

I hope to be giving away free mini-comics featuring the rescripted DOCTOR IMPOSSIBLE vs. FRANKENSTEIN's MONSTER 6-pager I did for 803 # 1, and maybe (if I have enough time) a rescripted version of Hero House from 803 # 3.

That's right... I'm going to milk both of those stories for all they're worth, but here's the thing - if you pick up a copy of Doctor Impossible # 1 (only a $2.00) at the show, and take one of the minis, you'll walk away with every Doc appearance to date, which is pretty cool, right?
I'll be displaying at least the first 3 pages of Danger Ace, so for those of you who voted and want to see what you helped create... stop by and take a look.

Also, my man Ricardo Cabrera and I plan to kick off our new webcomic this weekend, and here's an exclusive sneek peek at the thumbnails for all you Bad Simian readers out there.

It's called ARMSTRONG'S.

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