Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Yesterday, Danger Ace placed 46 out of 60 entries. This morning... we're at 31!

You're making it happen, guys, and words can't do justice to how much we appreciate your support... but a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to everyone who's voted thus far.

Again, the deal still stands - if you throw us a bone with a "Yes", let me know and you'll be entered in a drawing, the winner of which will have a character named after them in Danger Ace #1.

But there's still 5 days and we need to keep climbing, .

So if you know anyone that likes stories - specifically those were badass black dudes pretend to be dead white dudes, and fight zombie King Kongs, giant Nazi ant-men, and Ernest Hemingway... let 'em know about Danger Ace, cause chances are, it was made for them!

Here's the link again:,com_smf/Itemid,137/topic,2854.0/

Oops. Almost forgot to mention Phil Looney. Phil's the original indie-comics creator of Columbia, and he helped out tremendously by giving Danger Ace (and your's truly) a GIANT shout out on his blog yesterday, and I just wanted to say thanks.

Thank you, Phillip!


Philip Looney said...

I think I'd give the "Columbia's Original Indy Creator" nod to Eric Woodard, but I'll take the title for Mini Comics.

Hope I drove some traffic there - tell Sims he owes you a shout out.

Nimbus said...

Looks like Sims has provided that shout out.

I absolutely love the Danger Ace concept and artwork, by the way. I've already voted a quick YES to the forum. Hope you win!