Monday, February 26, 2007


Welcome to SHAZAM! week ladies and germs, where we here at the Bad Simian are dedicating a full 24/7 to the World's Mightiest Mortal and his Family, the Marvels!

Tonight, we kick things off with my favorite "Uh, what..?" moments from Cap's 70s comeback book, SHAZAM!, recently reprinted in DC's Showcase Presents SHAZAM!


Okay, let's see now...

"S" is for Solomon's wisdom,

"H" is for Hercules' strength,

the first "A" is for Atlas' stamina,

"Z" is for Zeus' power,

next "A" is for Achilles' courage,

and "M" is for Mercury's speed...

Nope, you're right - neither of the "A"s stand for Andretti's driving skills.

This scene comes from a story entitled Ibac, the Cursed and features the bronze age return of one of Cap's most formidible foes, the aforementiioned Ibac.

As you can see, Ibac's name and powers are derived from three of the world's most evil men... and that crazy bastard, Caligula. Don't get me wrong, history's proven that Caligula was plenty mean, but, um... there's just something kind of unsettling about seeing Caligula as drawn by C.C. Beck.

In this story, Billy is, yet again, gagged so he can't speak his magic word and call down the lightening. But, lucky for him, his tape recorder was on the last time he turned into the big read cheese, and once he remembers, he nudges the play button, and the word is "spoken" and... this doesn't make a damn lick o'sense.

Part of me is really tempted to try and make a funny "I'm Chris Hanson, and I work for DATELINE WHIZ, we're doing a show about adult men who..." joke.

But I think I'll pass.

Wisdom of Solomon, huh?


More Marvel Family goodness tomorrow night.

Thanks for stopping by.

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The Mutt said...

Why are Captain Marvel's eyes always closed?