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The good Marvel Family have had thier fair share of weird-os, and scumbags... but these 10 take the cake.
"What're you laughing at?"

Mr. Banjo brings it, and what he lacks in physical prowess, he more than makes up for with his mad spy skills.

"That's "Mister" Atom to you, punk!"

Long before the giant robo craze tore up the eastern and western sci-fi landscapes, Mr. Atom, the original radioactive robot, was out there making life hard for Cap and his Lieutenants.

"I hate you."

Rowdy "Rotten" Sparkle is the cousin of Sunny Sparkle, the nicest kid on Earth... so take a guess what Rowdy's deal is.

At one point in time, this kid had his hands on a book that could teach you how to do anything, and he pretty much flipped straight to the index and looked up "Badass" and went buck wild.

Fortunately, Cap was able to reign him in, but ended up destroying the book before anybody could look up "World Peace."
"IBAC! - Wait... what happened to my shirt?"

Like Billy Batson and his crew, Stanley "Stinky" Printwhistle shouts a magic word, in this case IBAC, and is transformed into a powerhouse of a man... um, without a shirt.

Ibac's power comes from four of the most evil men in history - Ivan the terrible (terror), Cesare Borgia (cunning), Attila the hun (fierceness), and my personal favorite, Caligula (craz... sorry, cruelty).

Oh, and one time he tried to feed Captain Marvel to bunch of cannibals... without a shirt.

Um, okay... the less said about this dude the better because he really freaks me out. But I guess he's kind of like Ibac 2.0 - except when Timothy Karnes says his magic word, "SABBAC!", he doesn't call down the power of just four evil guys, but instead, invokes the demon spawned power of Satan, Aym, Belail, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Crateis.
So, moving on...


"Yeloh Yelom!"
As part of his senior thesis (not really, but he was trying to graduate from wizard school), Wizzo the Wizard used Captain Marvel's own reflection against him and created the equally powered, but somewhat speech impaired doppelganger, Niatpac Levram.
"Das Boot!"
After becoming a genetically altered super-soldier for the service of the Third Reich, Albrecht Krieger took the name Captain Nazi and came to the US to wreck havoc upon us "Amerikaners".
In his first adventure out, Nazi killed Jacob Freeman and crippled his grandson, Freddy.
Freddy is saved by Captain Marvel, who then grants the teenager a portion of his own power to make him Captain Marvel Jr., the boy who would become Captain Nazi's greatest adversary.
Smooth move, ex-lax.
"Call me Teth"
You probably all know this guys story, but a refresher never hurt anybody... In ancient Egypt, Teth Adam was given the power of six Egyption (retcon) gods by the wizard Shazam, but eventually began using his power for evil, forcing the old wizard to exile Adam to the farthest star fromo Earth.
It took Adam about 5,000 years to fly back, and needless to say, when he got home he wasn't very happy.
He fought the Marvel Family to a standstill, until he was tricked into saying "SHAZAM", thus reverting him to his 5,000+ year old human form and turning to dust.

"Some people say I look better without my glasses..."
Not only is Mr. Mind a worm from outer space - he's a MUTANT worm from outer space with super intelligence that can control people's minds, and project his own consciousness into others.
He's also responsible for forming the original Monster Society of Evil, which says it all.
He's the only worm to ever be sentenced to death by electric chair.

"I'm a scientist who's mad... not a mad scientist."
Dr. Sivana is Captain Marvel's arch-nemesis, and he's not afriad to use a million pounds of dynamite when he needs to.
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Winterteeth said...

This will probably earn me an ass-kicking but I think Winick's Dr. Sivana is freaking hilarious. Kind of like Simone writes a wicked Dr. Psycho, Winick totally sells me on Sivana as a bitter, sarcastic crank who loves being the smartest guy in the room. I have no idea if this is true to his origins but it makes for some fun reading (in Outsiders anyway).