Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well, it's December 26th and after three days of travel, I'm back home.

And since I'm running a little low on brain power (content), I thought I'd be a jerk and post pictures of some of the cool stuff I got this Christmas.

Don't know what it is about being a guy with a dog, but one question I got over and over this season was, "What're you getting Argo for Christmas?" If you don't know, Argo is my dog (and yes she's named after Argo city, where Supergirl is from) and this was her first Christmas with us. Honestly, I hadn't really thought about getting her anything -- I mean, she's a dog afterall -- but most folks with dogs seem to get 'em something, so why not, right?

We bought her a tire chewtoy called a "Pup Tread" and presented it to her Christmas morning.

Here're a few pictures.

(Now I'm officially that guy with pictures of his dog on his blog.)

And here's some stuff I got...

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Philip Looney said...

Let me know how that puppy tred works out for you. My dogs absolutly destoyed the last tire like toy we got them. In fact, the only thing with any staying power seems to be the Kong, but they only play with that if you put peanut butter in it...