Saturday, December 23, 2006


Phil hit me with the ol' "Five Things You Don't Know About Me Tag" over at Poptown, so it looks like I'm up.

  1. I'm absolutely terrified of guns. Not because they can kill people, but because I hate the loudness of their firing. But I did recently go to a shooting range with my brother-in-law and nephews and shot about six different guns. I was wearing the range-required headphones so the sound wasn't too bad, and I actually had a pretty good time... still, wouldn't want to do it without the headgear.
  2. Back in middle school, I lied to a lot of people and told them my dad was stationed in Germany when I was born, thus giving me duel citizenship. The truth is my dad WAS in the military, but the furthest he ever went was Alaska, and that was about ten or so years before I was even born. I stuck with my story, though, all the way up until my first year of high school.
  3. I hate Chucky!!! Can't stand him, won't look at him, and I don't like to hear him talk. He totally freaks me the "F" out. This started when I first saw the trailer for the first Child's Play movie as a kid and hasn't stopped yet...
  4. I sang back-up, played guitar and even wrote a little bit for Nashville sensation Julie Roberts when I was in college. Julie's from the same town as me, Lancaster, and we became pretty good friends when we were both freshmen. I also ended up rooming with her then boyfriend for my last two years of college.
  5. I don't really like the taste or smell of candy. It drives my wife nuts. I have an extremely keen sense of smell and very sensitive taste buds, so pretty much everything stands out. And there's just something about the sweet smell of candy that overwhelms me and quite honestly, sometimes even makes me a little nauseous. Weird, huh?

And that's it. Of course there's a lot more people don't know about me, but this'll have to do for now.

Let's see... who'm I going to tag? How 'bout my pal Ricardo. All right, Ric - you're up!


Chris Sims said...

Who knew about Weapon Bowers and his heightened animal senses?

Anonymous said...

Ho man!...i got to run..i'm been Tagged!!

Scott said...

For those who don't know, when Chad and I worked at the Dragon in the late '90s, we had the creepiest "life-size" Chuck you've ever seen standing on top of one row of display cases. He scared the beejezus out of me when we closed up at night. I don't even wanna think about what nightmares he visited on Chad ... !

Scott said...

Er, that would be a life-size Chucky, not a life-size Chuck.