Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I swung by the comic shop tonight to pick up a few things, and started talking with the guys about the possibility that the nameless avenger kicking ass in the pages of Annihilation: Conquest: Wraith might actually be Rom, Spaceknight.

It's a rumor that's been circling the interweb for a little while now, but I didn't really pay much attention until tonight.

I think the character probably is Rom, and here's why:

  • Marvel recently dropped Toy Biz as their action figure company to sign with Hasbro, who coincidentally own Rom. It's not like I think Rom's so important to Marvel they'd rework a toy-license, but while they're in bed together, why not?
  • The book's titled Wraith, but the main character doesn't even go by that name/title. But... Rom's greatest enemies were known as the Dire Wraiths. Coincidence? Red herring? Or both?
  • "Wraith" is a really pale dude, with kind of glowing (almost typed piercing, but I don't love him... yet) red eyes. Rom was a really white/silver cyborg with a red visor/eye.
  • "Wraith" has a gun that kind of morphs into different weapons and gadgets, including a gun (!), a whip, a sword, etc... it's very similar to the way Rom's weapons had many functions and could just kind of appear out of subspace.
  • The stories main villains, the recently returned Phallanx, pose as Spaceknights and conquer the Kree. Why Spaceknights, I wonder?
  • The Phalanx are a race of aliens with shape changing abilities. The Dire Wraiths were a race of aliens with shape changing abilities.
  • There's just something very deliberate about "Wriath's" tunic, especially when you look at it from behind (see below).

Anyway, that's all I've got.

So what do YOU think?

Space-knight or Space-not?


Jovial1 said...

I'd love it if this were true, if for no other reason than the fact that it would give me more motivation not only to go back through the ROM comics I got in a box of assorted junk off of eBay, but maybe even give me incentive to pick up some more of it.

Philip Shade said...

Holy carp I just re-read Spacekinghts over lunch and wondered why the Phalanx look like the Dire Wraiths from that series.

JM Loke said...

It'd be great if ROM was revived by Marvel. It used to be my top pick! Remember the issues with great guest stars like X-Men, Shang Chi & Namor? Those were great issues!

David H. said...

a new ROM Spaceknight blog site that and isn't filled with a bunch of way outdated information and news nor does it have a bunch of redundant clip art you've seen a thousand times already: www.romspaceknightart.blogspot.com