Friday, July 6, 2007


Okay, well, it's official... Catherine Tate, AKA Donna Noble in last year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride, will return in series 4 as the Time Lord's newest "fulltime" companion.
Tate's really big in the UK, and it's apparetnly a pretty big deal that they've gotten her to come on the series. When I first saw The Runaway Bride, I didn't really like her, but I guess that's kind of the point. But having let it settle a little bit, I do think she's going to be great for the series.
I loved Martha Jones, and think Freema Agyeman did a great job. I'm guessing mine wasn't the general concensus since she's not coming back for Series 4... well, not for the whole series at least (she's supposed to be in several episodes and a few Torchwoods). As much as I liked her, I do think she was maybe a little too Rose-lite, despite trying all kinds of things to make her something else...
Anyway, if you've never seen the show, Series 3 premieres tonight on SciFi at 8PM, I think... They're showing both The Runaway Bride, and Smith and Jones, so you can see both Donna's and Martha's first appearances and decide for yourself.

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