Wednesday, June 20, 2007


No con report this year, but if you must have one, Phil's, Chris', and Jason's are all better than anything I would've written anyway, so head on over there.

After spending the weekend at Heroescon, I think my wife, Madelyn, had gotten her fill of smelly animals, so as a change of pace, she asked me to take her to the zoo. She's been telling me for a while that the best time to go to the zoo is early in the morning, right when the place opens up. That's when all the animals are up eating breakfast, and just kind of generally hanging out.

So that's what we did, we went to the zoo.

Now, I'll be honest, I've never really been one for animals in captivity, but having said that, my experience at the gorilla habitat was nothing short of spectacular.

The past couple times I've been to Riverbanks, they weren't really out and about, but this time... oh, my god.

Riverbanks has 3 males who live in a bachelor troop (no jokes, please). Chaka (like the ape boy from Land of the Lost) is the oldest at 23 years old. After him, there's Mike and Kimya, who Chaka apparently beats the living shit out of from time to time when he gets tired of them teasing him.

I couldn't help it, I stayed in the habitat for way too long, but it was mostly just me and Madelyn and I was just astounded... they're such amazing creatures, these guys.

Here's Chaka.

... and here's some pics of Mike and Kimya.

More comics stuff to come this week, including Genis Vel's tribute to his late father.


Jovial1 said...

When I lived over off Greystone, I loved visiting the Zoo. We had season passes. When I got up and wanted to go for a walk over the weekend, that's where I'd go. The animals made it a nice place to get some exercise, and if I got hot, I'd go cool off in the aquarium.

But you're right about the gorillas normally being really shy.

Anonymous said...

so nice.. those picture're great Chad. I guess that is a good idea (go to the Zoo with your wife. )
Regards bro.. cya!