Tuesday, May 15, 2007

12, YO!

Round Two ended yesterday, and we finished in twelfth place, which means Jerry and I are headed into Round Three.

Thank you to the following:

Phil Looney
Chris Sims
Tug Baker
Jim Shelley
Jason Wright
Scott Simmons
David Hamby
Meredith Hamby
Caleb Hamby
Nicholas Hamby
My mom and dad
Madelyn's mom and dad
Matt Gossett
Robert Brown
Matt Penn
Seth King
Tracy Hollingsworth
Jeff Kahrs
Brian Habing
Steven Prouse
Bruce Brown (new scribe of Image Comics' BRIT)
Ricardo Cabrera
Pedro Hermosilla
Dawn, Bethany, and Mellissa from work
Shawn Bridgers
The McCues

A special thanks to Jerry Hinds for being the coolest artist no Earth, and to his family and friends for dropping an army of little yes votes on camp Danger Ace.

Finally, I thank my lovely and talented wife, Madelyn, for being so patient and supportive these past few weeks (not to mention the last six years).

She took care of all the usual stuff - the house, the bills, the dog, EVERYTHING! - while juggling the three busiest weeks of the year at her fulltime, all while I sat in my dumb little office sending emails, making phone calls, thinking about fake people, writing and reworking scripts, etc... it's obvious to anybody that an idiot like me doesn't deserve her, but she's my everything, and I'm glad she keeps me around. Thanks, M!


Anonymous said...

you deserve it, man, congratulation ^_^

Chris Sims said...

How come Phil gets top billing? Jerk.

Jovial1 said...

Congrats, man! Looking forward to Round 3!

Anonymous said...

I couldn t agree more! good job! financial help