Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Okay, so I might (BIG might) be doing a monthly column for Silver Bullet Comics called This Is Embarrassing.

If everything goes as planned, it'll work like a "Dear Abby" style advice column with me responding to light-hearted and humorous lifestyle and relationship questions sent in by actual comics guys and girls, with me creating the occasional set-up "question" so I can work in a rant or two.

I've been working on getting them something for a few weeks now, but with all of the other stuff - Doc Impossible, Danger Ace for Small Press Idol, Comic Book Challenge, etc... - I needed a way for this thing to generate content on its own instead of coming up with something new every week, so this's what I came up with.

We'll see, I guess.


Philip Looney said...

That's awesome Chad. I'm really proud of you and how much traction you're getting here of late with your comics stuff. I glad to see your hard work start to yield fruit.

Jovial1 said...

Congrats, Chad! Your name's going to be in print all over the place at this rate! Maybe DC will clear up some of their issues by giving you control of Action Comics. ;)