Monday, April 9, 2007


Yeah, I saw it. In fact, I saw it twice... well, 1/2 of it, at least.
"How's that?" you ask.
On Saturday, me, my wife and a couple of friends went to check out the 'House at our local theatre. So we get through Planet Terror ("Give him the gun... give him ALL the guns!") and just as Death Proof gets started, around the point when Girl Squad 1 sees the first Jungle Julia billboard, a big ol' cop walks in with a flashlight and starts saying something. Problem was, none of us could hear what he was saying over the movie, so he ended up having to shout.
"Everybody needs to get outta the theatre - you need to leave."
Alright. So we all got up in a very orderly fashion and began making our way out into the lobby area. Once there, Buford T. shows up again and says, "Keep moving outta the mall - ya'll need to get outta the mall." Which, of course, we did.
Most of my group had come in through the back entrance to the theatre so that's where we exited. Unfortunately, that was the side that the cops had seemingly forgotten about, because when we got outside, there was a small group of theatre-goers and mall employees just hanging out, smoking cigarettes, y'know... just chillin'.
By this time, we'd all figured out that this wasn't some Tarantino/Rodriguez-inspired movie gimmick, and that in fact, something was indeed up. Most of us had started formulating our own little theories as to what was going on, and bomb threat was #1 on everybody's list, which made us all a little nervous about being near the building.
So we all moved back a good bit and started working our way around to the front entrance where the cops and fire engines were, and to hopefully get some answers. On the way, some very nice theatre employees gave us complimentary passes to get back in when and if they opened the doors again.
Most of us had decided to just head home and come back later, but one of my friends who was visiting from Virginia had accidently left his jacket inside and was unwilling to leave it... it was a pretty cool Manchester United jacket that his sister had brought him back from London, and I wouldn't have left it either.
Anyway, long story short - it was a bomb threat, but ultimately, they never found anything and opened the mall back up later that night. I went back that night to cash in my re-admittance pass, and to see if my buddy's jacket had been picked up, which it hadn't. I went ahead and grabbed it for him, planning to give it to him the next morning before he and his wife left town. But when I went out to grab a snack, I saw him at the desk asking about it and was able to give it to him. He in turn decided to use his free pass too, so we both got to finish the flick.
Now, about the flick... I loved it.
Can't really say mcuh that hasn't been said better elsewhere, but I did enjoy both of 'em. Planet Terror was so over-the-top that I didn't know what to expect one minute to the next. And Death Proof was great fun.
I'm a huge fan of Vanishing Point and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, having watched both with my dad something like 100 times on the ol' Fox Movie Machine when I was a kid, so the '70 Charger was nice to see.

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