Thursday, February 8, 2007


New Avengers # 27.

Ronin/Echo emails Matt Murdock to let him know that "If you're reading this, I'm probably dead". She then gets killed and ressurected by the Hand, now under the leadership of Elektra. The New NEW Avengers show up in Tokyo to rescue her, and end up really pissing off Elektra in the process.

Bendis uses the email as his main narrative device, but completely botches it about two-thirds in when the message goes from "Hi, Matt... I'm most likely dead" to, "Hi, Matt. I've been captured by the Hand - don't let them turn me into a soulless assassin."

The big question is, how'd Echo get the message out to Matt? I mean, it reads like it was sent before she was killed/captured, but if that's the case, it's awfully specific.

When the Avengers show up, there's a >gasp< new Ronin with them. What, do the Avengers just keep a bunch of these suits around? And why does Bendis think this Ronin thing is such a good idea?

And finally, I know Luke Cage is a total badass... but kicking Elektra square in the crotch?

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CapVsBats said...

Ronin - the idea so good we decided to use it twice!

On the flipside - Phil Lynott was a brilliant songwriter, so it's good to see you digging the Thin Lizzy.

Chad Bowers said...

Think Lizzy's incredible!

I think I'm about six listens away from convincing myself that Jailbreak's the best song ever written.