Saturday, January 6, 2007


You might've noticed that John Romita Jr. week kind of fell apart.

Fulltime work was out of control this week, so I ended up bringing stuff home pretty much every night except Thursday (which was my wife's birthday), so I wasn't able to do everything I intended to.

But to make up for it... here're some of the pages and character design stuff for one of the new books I've been working on called OUTNUMBERED.
For character designs for my other book, THE FAMILY DYNAMIC, you can visit my old blog here.

Pages 1 - 4 of OUTNUMBERED (page 2 missing dialogue and captions). Art by Lazaro.

And here's pretty much the rest of #1 (missing two or three pages, I think) in pencils/breakdowns.

OUTNUMBERED's main character is a guy named Judd Albert, formerly the supervillain Blackjacket. The story begins with Albert giving up some information that ultimately leads to the downfall of the supervillain group called C.I.R.C.L.E. (the Coalition of International Resources for Criminally Led Endeavors... don't you just love acronyms?).
Judd's placed in witness relocation under the new name "Walt Edmond", and becomes a mid-grade sales associate at an advertising firm in Dallas, Texas.
"Walt" has a wife, a 4 year old daughter, and at the beginning of the story, has just found out his wife's pregnant again. Life's pretty good for ol' Walt... but it wouldn't be much of a action/adventure comic if things stayed that way.
The villain of the piece is Owen Hammer, AKA The Hellhammer. Hammer built the CIRCLE from the groud up, eventually turning into a sort of international supervillain's union, and becoming a muti-millionaire in the process. Needless to say, he's none to happy when it's all taken away, and it's my hope that OUTNUMBERED be a story about Hammer's ultimate revenge as much as it's about Judd Albert's redemption.
One of the other characters that's going to play a pretty important role in the story is this guy - The Jock.
Of all the characters and concepts I've come up with, he's one of my favorites.
I won't give too much away about him, but if OUTNUMBERED ever gets off the ground, I promise that every one of you will want to own a Jock t-shirt before it's over.
Thanks for taking a look. I'll try and get some more stuff up about my other books - Dr. Impossible and The Family Dynamic tomorrow.

Note: All characters, concepts, ideas, etc... copyright/trademark Chad Bowers 2007.

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