Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BEHOLD... THE 70s!!!

Conan (October, 1970)
Man-Thing (May, 1971)
Morbius, the Living Vampire (October, 1971)
The Defenders (December, 1971)
Werewolf by Night (February, 1972)
Dracula (April, 1972)
Luke Cage (June, 1972)
Ghost Rider (August, 1972)
Warlock (August, 1972)
The Cat (November, 1972)
Monster of Frankenstein (January, 1973)
Killraven (May, 1973)
Blade (July, 1973)
The Living Mummy (August, 1973)
Zombie (August, 1973)
Man-wolf (September, 1973)
Brother Voodoo (September, 1973)
Son of Satan (September, 1973)
Satana (October, 1973)
Howard the Duck (December, 1973)
Punisher (February, 1974)
Iron Fist (May, 1974)
Deathlok (August, 1974)
Wolverine (October 1974)
Black Goliath (April, 1975)
Collosus (May, 1975)
Nightcrawler (May, 1975)
Storm (May, 1975)
Moon Knight (August 1975)
Captain Britain (October, 1976)
Ms. Marvel (January, 1977)
Spider-woman (February, 1977)

Captain Marvel (Came into his own during the 70s as The Most Cosmic Superhero of All!)

Doctor Strange (June, 1974, Doc gets relaunched with new #1...came into his own during the 70s)

Hulk (Thanks in part to the success of the television show, Hulk came into his own during the 70s and to this days remains one of Marvel's most popular characters.)

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Philip Looney said...

That's pretty amazing how many of Marvel's most popular characters came out or came into their own in the 70s.